The Power of Advertisement

While attending the Towsontown festival this past weekend, there were many advertisers of all kinds. There were beer advertisers, wine advertisers, different food advertisers, many different radio stations advertising, and much more. Some main advertisers you might recognize were: Chrysler, Bud Light, Comcast, ESPN, Budweiser, Geico, Coors Light, Gino’s Pizza, Twisted Tea, Maryland Army National Guard, BB&T, and many more. There was also live music playing and a booth of their free giveaways.

The public relation strategy used by most of the advertisers was providing a fun, inviting atmosphere to get people to come over to their booth or stand. For example, Bud Light had a very fun atmosphere which definitely attracted the attention of college students. Each advertiser had a booth with signs, fliers, and free giveaways attempting to get your attention and lure you in. Of course they also sold their product, but it seems like quite a deal when you buy a beer and get a free tee-shirt with it! At the 98 Rock Beer Garden, sponsors such as Bud Light, Boordy Vineyards, and 98 Rock provided beer, wine, food and fun. This area targeted adults around the age of 21 to 30. There was also a Mix 106.5 Plaza Garden Stage. Sponsors included Coors Light, Twisted Tea, Blue Moon, and Mix 106.5 This area provided a place to sit, drink and listen to music. This area targeted older adults, around 30 and up. At the NASCAR stage, there were racecar displays and giveaways. There was also the Minuteman HUMVEE, a gaming trailer, obstacle course, and the HALO jumper. The Maryland Army National Guard ran this event. This event targeted children and adults interested in NASCAR. There was also a family zone where there were pony rides, face painting, food, a moonbounce, etc. This area obviously targeted families with children. Parents will do almost anything for their kids in order to make them happy.

I do believe that the advertisers were successful. Lines for each and every stand or booth were long and people were buying products from all types of stands. I believe everyone was successful because this event had so many signs and giveaways. Everyone wants free giveaways, even if they don’t want what is being given out! I myself have gotten many tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc from places that I was not even a fan of! I especially remember the Heineken sign because it was bright, green and big. It definitely caught my attention. 


About bvolle1

I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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