“Star… Going under?”

 Imagine waking up and having one hundred texts and two hundred calls from friends and family wondering why you were a drug addict.  Then imagine walking down the street and finding a billion dollar a year company publishing a picture of you in the morning and the caption read “Drug Shocker!”.  This was reality for actress Katie Holmes after the January issue of Star magazine.

Holmes, a respected mother and wife was blind sided by a photograph taken of her early in the morning by a member of the paparazzi, that ended up on the front cover of Star magazine, with a caption that read; “Addiction Nightmare.  Katie Drug Shocker!”.  Whats worse is it didn’t stop there.  Underneath that caption was a picture of her husband Tom Cruise; with a caption that read “The real reason she can’t leave Tom”.  

The story created an immediate law suite.  Holmes and her lawyer sued Star for 50 million dollars.  Holmes lawyer argued that Holmes was misrepresented and the damage that the magazine had done to Holmes image was un repairable.  Holmes’ lawyer said that Holmes had never even tried drugs before and that she was still in love with husband Tom Cruise.  The settlement that was reached by the court remains confidential but Star does admit to donating a generous amount of money to Holmes’ dancing foundation. 

I think this was the least Star could have done.  Star and other tabloids have to realize that every thing they print affects the people they are talking about in their articles.  The public relations aspect of this case is very key because it forces Katie Holmes to really push her status of being drug free and a good mother and wife to the public in order to stay clear of ridicule.

The legal aspect involved in this case is in favor of celebrities everywhere.  The fact that the magazine had pictured Holmes as being a drug addict but had argued that they did not mention anything about her being a drug addict in the article forces tabloids to be more cautious about what they print.  There was a loop-hole in this legal argument but the judge and courts obviously did not fall into that hole and for that celebrities everywhere should be grateful.  I can not stand to see incident celebrities hurt and bashed for pictures that have nothing to do with the words printed under them.  I think that magazine companies everywhere should be held to a higher standard and that this case will truly keep them to it.


About bvolle1

I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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