Advertisers vs. Audience

 Ever wondered what if machines could turn into living organisms?  Ever wondered what would happen if there was a fight between robots and humans?  Well Michael Bay brought these questions to the big screen in his film Transformers.

The movie Transformers is a film depicting two groups of transforming robots, the Autobots and the Decepticons. The main character, Sam Witwicky, inherits his grandfathers glasses, which he is trying to sell on eBay.  The glasses are infused with a map to the source of all power, which the Decepticons are looking for so that they can eventually take over the world.  The Autobots are searching for the same map so that they can protect earth and its citizens from the evil Decepticons.  Sam ends up purchasing a Chevy Camaro which is actually an Autobot that has transformed into the shape of a car.  This movie depicts the struggle of good vs. evil and the journey between Sam and his guardians from the sky. 

This film is riddled with product placement.  There is everything from Apple to Burger King.  Although many products are in this movie the one that stands out the most has got to be Chevy.  There are scenes in the movie that could go as far as being a commercial for Chevrolet.  There are many times throught the movie where everthing in the background is blurry, yet the Chevy logo is crystal clear.  This would definitly cause the audience to stray away from everything else on the screen and focus on the Chevy Logo.  This is a great way for Chevy to break through all the other ads that are placed in this film.  Another interesting fact that I noticed in this movie was the fact that the camera always zooms into the Chevy from a far the Logo is always at eye level.  This almost forces the audience to focus on the logo even if there attention is elsewhere.  The placement of the Chevy Camaro were also much closer and took up most of the screen everytime the car was placed in the film.

I think that these ads will most likley be remembered by the audience and were also placed in the movie the way they were for the same reason.  The reason is that the audience can not take there eyes off of an image that is being zoomed in on when everything around that image is blurry and that image is the only clear image on the screen.  The producer and advertiser both wanted this because it looks very cool from a producers point of view and it focuses in on the product that the advertiser is trying to portray to the public.

The next time your watching a movie try and determine what you are actually watching and what the producers/advisers want you to watch!


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I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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