Social Skills or Cyber Skills?



One out of five relationships now a days are started through dating websites.  That means that one out of every five relationships never started with a physical conversation.  While technology is advancing every single day, what is happening to us as physical beings?

Humans from the future depicted in Pixtar's Walle-E

The main problem with meeting people online and social networking sites is that people young adults are not gaining the appropriate interpersonal skills needed everyday life.  Sharon Hull explains this phenomenon in her article, entitled Problems with Social Networking and Teens.

Hull’s article points out the flaws with simply allowing teens and young adults to grow up only knowing how to communicate through social networking sites.  Hull explains that children growing up through this technological time period are getting less in tuned with interpersonal skills needed to allow them to succeed in the future.  She explains that this does not just include socializing with friends and peers, but goes as far saying young adults growing up with this new phase of social networking, will be less likely to succeed, in terms of professional futures, then those that do not fall into the social networking sites.  She explains that young adults and teens are becoming more and more afraid of putting them selves out there and actually talking to one another face to face.  This article concluded with saying that social networks were not helping but hindering young adults and teens, interpersonal skills and overall hurting there futures for success.

Lost in Cyber Space

The internet in todays world is so advanced that it can send one image the entire length of the globe in a matter of seconds.  People can communicate from India to Alaska in seconds with out moving off there couch.  I think that social networking sites have really played their cards right when it comes to tapping into the Internet’s ability to mass communicate information all over the world.  Public Relations experts can sit in there homes and get more people to watch/come to a showing of Oprah than a hundred thousand people can calling people they know.  This generation has moved from physically talking to others to emailing, texting, chatting, etc.  I do think that it is a problem for young adults not being able to connect with others on a interpersonal level, but i think this world is moving much too fast for interpersonal matters to take precedence over quicker forms of communication.  The world is moving much faster today then it was ten years ago and will continue to pick up speed as time goes on.  The only question is will you get on or get left behind?


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