From Fantasy to Reality

Imagine a world where you could think of a meal and then that meal would appear.  Imagine a world where you could think of a hot summer beach and you would be there.  Imagine a world where you could clap you could think of a car and then be driving it within a flash.  Imagine a world where technology was so advanced that anything you thought of or wanted would appear before your very eyes.  Well don’t blink, because before you know it that world will be here.  With the way technology is advancing this world may not be that far away.  This new technology driven world would allow people to use there brains to portray there image of a world.  This idea is best represented by the movie, The Matrix.

Little tiny computers attached to a main computer reading electromagnetic impulses given off by the brain.

Now imagine a world where what ever you think is posted to the Internet.  What ever you say, hear, see, touch, or even smell is posted onto a browser that anyone, anywhere, can access.  This world is ideal for hackers and identity thieves.  Once there is no limit to where the Internet can stretch, even as far as the human mind, then there is no limit to what destruction that technology can do as well.  This world would also be a hot spot for advertisers.  There would be no place for anyone to obtain their right to privacy.

When does advertising go to far?

The new world of technology will probably be some where in between these two worlds.  The world of technology will continue to advance, until it is so advanced that it spreads into the biological field.  The field of technology will eventually become emerged in the field of biology and scientists will need to begin developing the mind the same way they develop computers.  Scientists will be able to download software onto physical beings.  The brain is said to be the most advanced computer known to man.  Once scientists are able to understand the full capabilities of this most impressive organ, then the limits of technology will be endless.  This will make mass communication as easy as downloading a file of the internet.  Advertisers and Public Relations experts will be able to download products and commercials into individuals minds, forcing them to have to hear about and see these products or events.  Mass communication will advance into a new era.  This era will be known as the Biological advancement era.  This could happen one day, couldn’t it?



About bvolle1

I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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