Disney: The Dynasty

How does every child in the world know about Disney World? How is it that know matter what changes through out history every child still wants and almost needs to go to Disney World at some point in their lives.  Give up? I’ll tell you why.  Its because of the brilliant Public Relations experts and advertisers working for Disney; thats why.  ESPN is my favorite program to watch on television and it is by no accident owned by the Disney Corporation.  Disney not only owns ESPN but it controls many sporting events through the ownership of ESPN.  The public relations experts decide who, what, when, why, and how ESPN will broadcast sporting events and highlights of these events.  This forces the viewer to watch the way they want that viewer to watch and think what they want that viewer to think about the events they are watching.

Mickey Mouse shows off his soccer skills

There is no time on the clock.  Its the final play of the super bowl.  Your team is down by five and the ball has just left the hands of your star quarter back.  While that ball is in the air I bet the last thing going through your mind is Disney World or Disney for that matter.  Your star wide receiver leaps up into the air and drags down the ball in the end zone, crowning your team Superbowl champions.  The first words out of your star quarter backs mouth are “I’m Going to Disney World“.  This is by no accident.  The feeling you got when your team just won the Superbowl will carry over into the joy you see when your kids watching the game next to you hear the sounds and see the images of Disney World.

If i were to try and promote Disney across different mass mediums, I would first look at what brings Disney into the homes of people.  Every family in the World needs to eat.  One of the biggest days for eating is, ironically, the Superbowl.  This is exactly where i would focus my promotions.  I would incorporate Disney into food.  I would place advertisements as well as Disney figures on every food item that Disney owns.  I would also use ESPN to broadcast commercials right after the super bowl was over so that people and families that missed the commercials and were trying to catch highlights would be forced to watch the ads.

I would go even one step further in this campaign and broadcast highlights that ESPN has obtained on the Disney channel and other children’s networks that Disney owns.  This would allow mothers or fathers that could not catch the game or forgot to turn on ESPN real quick to try and get a glimpse of some highlights.  This then forces the Disney ads that are already being broadcasted after the game to further have an impact on the consuming public.  The key is to use multiple mass media outlets to funnel consumers back into consuming Disney products.  If 50 percent of the viewers buy something Disney the next week then Disney is doing there job and making extreme amounts of profit in the process.  The more you spend the more you make and the more you advertise the more multi national your company becomes, and once your multi national… You’ve made it!


About bvolle1

I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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