A Mass Media World…

You never realize how much media is a part of your life until you record it day by day. On a normal day, you talk on your phone, watch TV, look at ads, and are exposed to all types of media all day long.  Throughout the two days that I kept track of my media habits, I watched TV, played X-Box, saw billboards on the way to work in the car, studied in the library for a few hours each day, and used my phone a lot for work, rides and study groups. I personally see a lot of media at work because I work at Target and am on security so I have to walk around and make sure people do not shoplift. I definitely was surprised how much I use my X-Box, time goes by very fast and it is very engrossing and somewhat addicting. I learn about the world through whatever is on the TV channel I’m watching, or whatever I see or hear at work. Commercials and TV ads are constantly pushing foods, drinks, clothes, stores, all types of things in our faces, trying to make us want more and buy more.

Going without media is very difficult but definitely do-able. I don’t need to watch TV that much and also do not need to use my X-Box to find out anything that I need to about the world. There are many advantages to media, one being that without it how would we know about the important things going on in our society? How would we know what is going on internationally? I was pretty successful at avoiding mass media, it can be a somewhat less stressful day without any media on your mind.


About bvolle1

I am a senior at Towson University and studying Criminal Justice. I am a die heart Chicago Cubs fan.
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