“Star… Going under?”

 Imagine waking up and having one hundred texts and two hundred calls from friends and family wondering why you were a drug addict.  Then imagine walking down the street and finding a billion dollar a year company publishing a picture of you in the morning and the caption read “Drug Shocker!”.  This was reality for actress Katie Holmes after the January issue of Star magazine.

Holmes, a respected mother and wife was blind sided by a photograph taken of her early in the morning by a member of the paparazzi, that ended up on the front cover of Star magazine, with a caption that read; “Addiction Nightmare.  Katie Drug Shocker!”.  Whats worse is it didn’t stop there.  Underneath that caption was a picture of her husband Tom Cruise; with a caption that read “The real reason she can’t leave Tom”.  

The story created an immediate law suite.  Holmes and her lawyer sued Star for 50 million dollars.  Holmes lawyer argued that Holmes was misrepresented and the damage that the magazine had done to Holmes image was un repairable.  Holmes’ lawyer said that Holmes had never even tried drugs before and that she was still in love with husband Tom Cruise.  The settlement that was reached by the court remains confidential but Star does admit to donating a generous amount of money to Holmes’ dancing foundation. 

I think this was the least Star could have done.  Star and other tabloids have to realize that every thing they print affects the people they are talking about in their articles.  The public relations aspect of this case is very key because it forces Katie Holmes to really push her status of being drug free and a good mother and wife to the public in order to stay clear of ridicule.

The legal aspect involved in this case is in favor of celebrities everywhere.  The fact that the magazine had pictured Holmes as being a drug addict but had argued that they did not mention anything about her being a drug addict in the article forces tabloids to be more cautious about what they print.  There was a loop-hole in this legal argument but the judge and courts obviously did not fall into that hole and for that celebrities everywhere should be grateful.  I can not stand to see incident celebrities hurt and bashed for pictures that have nothing to do with the words printed under them.  I think that magazine companies everywhere should be held to a higher standard and that this case will truly keep them to it.

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The Power of Advertisement

While attending the Towsontown festival this past weekend, there were many advertisers of all kinds. There were beer advertisers, wine advertisers, different food advertisers, many different radio stations advertising, and much more. Some main advertisers you might recognize were: Chrysler, Bud Light, Comcast, ESPN, Budweiser, Geico, Coors Light, Gino’s Pizza, Twisted Tea, Maryland Army National Guard, BB&T, and many more. There was also live music playing and a booth of their free giveaways.

The public relation strategy used by most of the advertisers was providing a fun, inviting atmosphere to get people to come over to their booth or stand. For example, Bud Light had a very fun atmosphere which definitely attracted the attention of college students. Each advertiser had a booth with signs, fliers, and free giveaways attempting to get your attention and lure you in. Of course they also sold their product, but it seems like quite a deal when you buy a beer and get a free tee-shirt with it! At the 98 Rock Beer Garden, sponsors such as Bud Light, Boordy Vineyards, and 98 Rock provided beer, wine, food and fun. This area targeted adults around the age of 21 to 30. There was also a Mix 106.5 Plaza Garden Stage. Sponsors included Coors Light, Twisted Tea, Blue Moon, and Mix 106.5 This area provided a place to sit, drink and listen to music. This area targeted older adults, around 30 and up. At the NASCAR stage, there were racecar displays and giveaways. There was also the Minuteman HUMVEE, a gaming trailer, obstacle course, and the HALO jumper. The Maryland Army National Guard ran this event. This event targeted children and adults interested in NASCAR. There was also a family zone where there were pony rides, face painting, food, a moonbounce, etc. This area obviously targeted families with children. Parents will do almost anything for their kids in order to make them happy.

I do believe that the advertisers were successful. Lines for each and every stand or booth were long and people were buying products from all types of stands. I believe everyone was successful because this event had so many signs and giveaways. Everyone wants free giveaways, even if they don’t want what is being given out! I myself have gotten many tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc from places that I was not even a fan of! I especially remember the Heineken sign because it was bright, green and big. It definitely caught my attention. 

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From Old to New!

A book that has made a significant difference in my life is The Diary of a Young Girl; also know as The Diary of Anne Frank. This is a non-fiction novel based off the life of a young girl named Anne Frank.

This diary recalls her and her family’s experience while in hiding for two years during the Holocaust. The Franks along with their friends, the Dussels, went into hiding in the office above Mr. Frank’s store after the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940. Mr. Frank’s employees kept them supplied with food, medicine, and news from the outside world. Anne Frank and her family were betrayed to the Nazis in 1944 and arrested. Anne Frank later died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Her father, Otto Frank, later found her diary. He was the only known survivor of the family. Immediately after her diary was published, there was controversy over its authenticity. At the time, parts were cut out that were anti-German. But eventually in 1981, the Dutch state issued a certificate of authentication, which made all doubts come to rest. After publication, five pages were found that had been given to Mr. Frank’s close friend Cor Suijk that he did not want published. These pages depicted Anne’s parents’ marriage. Mr. Frank did not want anyone to see these depictions. 

I read this book in high school for class, and it immediately made an impact on me and has ever since. I believe it had such a strong impact on me because until that age, I knew what the Holocaust was but was not fully aware of its ramifications. After reading this book and seeing how hard life was for Anne and her family, it really made me feel so sad for her, her family, and all of those who went through the Holocaust. I think that since this book is written by a young person, it is easier for younger students to understand the Holocaust. Now, more than 50 years later, the book has not lost its significance. This book helps younger generations understand the Holocaust. This book can also target young girls who are struggling with adolescence, low self-esteem and confidence, and their emotions.

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Advertisers vs. Audience

 Ever wondered what if machines could turn into living organisms?  Ever wondered what would happen if there was a fight between robots and humans?  Well Michael Bay brought these questions to the big screen in his film Transformers.

The movie Transformers is a film depicting two groups of transforming robots, the Autobots and the Decepticons. The main character, Sam Witwicky, inherits his grandfathers glasses, which he is trying to sell on eBay.  The glasses are infused with a map to the source of all power, which the Decepticons are looking for so that they can eventually take over the world.  The Autobots are searching for the same map so that they can protect earth and its citizens from the evil Decepticons.  Sam ends up purchasing a Chevy Camaro which is actually an Autobot that has transformed into the shape of a car.  This movie depicts the struggle of good vs. evil and the journey between Sam and his guardians from the sky. 

This film is riddled with product placement.  There is everything from Apple to Burger King.  Although many products are in this movie the one that stands out the most has got to be Chevy.  There are scenes in the movie that could go as far as being a commercial for Chevrolet.  There are many times throught the movie where everthing in the background is blurry, yet the Chevy logo is crystal clear.  This would definitly cause the audience to stray away from everything else on the screen and focus on the Chevy Logo.  This is a great way for Chevy to break through all the other ads that are placed in this film.  Another interesting fact that I noticed in this movie was the fact that the camera always zooms into the Chevy from a far the Logo is always at eye level.  This almost forces the audience to focus on the logo even if there attention is elsewhere.  The placement of the Chevy Camaro were also much closer and took up most of the screen everytime the car was placed in the film.

I think that these ads will most likley be remembered by the audience and were also placed in the movie the way they were for the same reason.  The reason is that the audience can not take there eyes off of an image that is being zoomed in on when everything around that image is blurry and that image is the only clear image on the screen.  The producer and advertiser both wanted this because it looks very cool from a producers point of view and it focuses in on the product that the advertiser is trying to portray to the public.

The next time your watching a movie try and determine what you are actually watching and what the producers/advisers want you to watch!

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Disney: The Dynasty

How does every child in the world know about Disney World? How is it that know matter what changes through out history every child still wants and almost needs to go to Disney World at some point in their lives.  Give up? I’ll tell you why.  Its because of the brilliant Public Relations experts and advertisers working for Disney; thats why.  ESPN is my favorite program to watch on television and it is by no accident owned by the Disney Corporation.  Disney not only owns ESPN but it controls many sporting events through the ownership of ESPN.  The public relations experts decide who, what, when, why, and how ESPN will broadcast sporting events and highlights of these events.  This forces the viewer to watch the way they want that viewer to watch and think what they want that viewer to think about the events they are watching.

Mickey Mouse shows off his soccer skills

There is no time on the clock.  Its the final play of the super bowl.  Your team is down by five and the ball has just left the hands of your star quarter back.  While that ball is in the air I bet the last thing going through your mind is Disney World or Disney for that matter.  Your star wide receiver leaps up into the air and drags down the ball in the end zone, crowning your team Superbowl champions.  The first words out of your star quarter backs mouth are “I’m Going to Disney World“.  This is by no accident.  The feeling you got when your team just won the Superbowl will carry over into the joy you see when your kids watching the game next to you hear the sounds and see the images of Disney World.

If i were to try and promote Disney across different mass mediums, I would first look at what brings Disney into the homes of people.  Every family in the World needs to eat.  One of the biggest days for eating is, ironically, the Superbowl.  This is exactly where i would focus my promotions.  I would incorporate Disney into food.  I would place advertisements as well as Disney figures on every food item that Disney owns.  I would also use ESPN to broadcast commercials right after the super bowl was over so that people and families that missed the commercials and were trying to catch highlights would be forced to watch the ads.

I would go even one step further in this campaign and broadcast highlights that ESPN has obtained on the Disney channel and other children’s networks that Disney owns.  This would allow mothers or fathers that could not catch the game or forgot to turn on ESPN real quick to try and get a glimpse of some highlights.  This then forces the Disney ads that are already being broadcasted after the game to further have an impact on the consuming public.  The key is to use multiple mass media outlets to funnel consumers back into consuming Disney products.  If 50 percent of the viewers buy something Disney the next week then Disney is doing there job and making extreme amounts of profit in the process.  The more you spend the more you make and the more you advertise the more multi national your company becomes, and once your multi national… You’ve made it!

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Social Skills or Cyber Skills?



One out of five relationships now a days are started through dating websites.  That means that one out of every five relationships never started with a physical conversation.  While technology is advancing every single day, what is happening to us as physical beings?

Humans from the future depicted in Pixtar's Walle-E

The main problem with meeting people online and social networking sites is that people young adults are not gaining the appropriate interpersonal skills needed everyday life.  Sharon Hull explains this phenomenon in her article, entitled Problems with Social Networking and Teens.

Hull’s article points out the flaws with simply allowing teens and young adults to grow up only knowing how to communicate through social networking sites.  Hull explains that children growing up through this technological time period are getting less in tuned with interpersonal skills needed to allow them to succeed in the future.  She explains that this does not just include socializing with friends and peers, but goes as far saying young adults growing up with this new phase of social networking, will be less likely to succeed, in terms of professional futures, then those that do not fall into the social networking sites.  She explains that young adults and teens are becoming more and more afraid of putting them selves out there and actually talking to one another face to face.  This article concluded with saying that social networks were not helping but hindering young adults and teens, interpersonal skills and overall hurting there futures for success.

Lost in Cyber Space

The internet in todays world is so advanced that it can send one image the entire length of the globe in a matter of seconds.  People can communicate from India to Alaska in seconds with out moving off there couch.  I think that social networking sites have really played their cards right when it comes to tapping into the Internet’s ability to mass communicate information all over the world.  Public Relations experts can sit in there homes and get more people to watch/come to a showing of Oprah than a hundred thousand people can calling people they know.  This generation has moved from physically talking to others to emailing, texting, chatting, etc.  I do think that it is a problem for young adults not being able to connect with others on a interpersonal level, but i think this world is moving much too fast for interpersonal matters to take precedence over quicker forms of communication.  The world is moving much faster today then it was ten years ago and will continue to pick up speed as time goes on.  The only question is will you get on or get left behind?

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From Fantasy to Reality

Imagine a world where you could think of a meal and then that meal would appear.  Imagine a world where you could think of a hot summer beach and you would be there.  Imagine a world where you could clap you could think of a car and then be driving it within a flash.  Imagine a world where technology was so advanced that anything you thought of or wanted would appear before your very eyes.  Well don’t blink, because before you know it that world will be here.  With the way technology is advancing this world may not be that far away.  This new technology driven world would allow people to use there brains to portray there image of a world.  This idea is best represented by the movie, The Matrix.

Little tiny computers attached to a main computer reading electromagnetic impulses given off by the brain.

Now imagine a world where what ever you think is posted to the Internet.  What ever you say, hear, see, touch, or even smell is posted onto a browser that anyone, anywhere, can access.  This world is ideal for hackers and identity thieves.  Once there is no limit to where the Internet can stretch, even as far as the human mind, then there is no limit to what destruction that technology can do as well.  This world would also be a hot spot for advertisers.  There would be no place for anyone to obtain their right to privacy.

When does advertising go to far?

The new world of technology will probably be some where in between these two worlds.  The world of technology will continue to advance, until it is so advanced that it spreads into the biological field.  The field of technology will eventually become emerged in the field of biology and scientists will need to begin developing the mind the same way they develop computers.  Scientists will be able to download software onto physical beings.  The brain is said to be the most advanced computer known to man.  Once scientists are able to understand the full capabilities of this most impressive organ, then the limits of technology will be endless.  This will make mass communication as easy as downloading a file of the internet.  Advertisers and Public Relations experts will be able to download products and commercials into individuals minds, forcing them to have to hear about and see these products or events.  Mass communication will advance into a new era.  This era will be known as the Biological advancement era.  This could happen one day, couldn’t it?


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